System comprises a MASTER unit (remote control) and SLAVE unit (installed on drone).
Radio communication between the two units occurs on 869 MHz bandwidth free from license payment and in compliance with European Rule CEPT 70-03.
Furthermore the radio communication is protected with encryption keys in order to avoid any hackering activity to terminate the flight.




Master Unit is a 68×55 mm board including Aurel radio transceiver RTX-869-LONG RANGE (max emitted power 500 mW).

Power supply is by a LiPo 2S battery. Maximum voltage supply is 12V. The average consumption is 50 mA. There are 4 leds:

 1. RED LED – BATT: normally off, it blinks when battery goes down to 6,6V.

 2. GREEN LED – LINK: it’s on when MASTER gets keep-alive message from SLAVE. It’s off when message is not received. It blinks if keep-alive is disabled by setting ON dipswitch 1.

 3. YELLOW LED – RX: it’s on if the SLAVE output is enabled, off if it’s disabled.

 4. BLUE LED – TX: on during the transmission of keep-alive message.

In case of battery discharge RED LED blinks and buzzer beeps. Master open drain output reflects the GREEN LED (LINK) status. Master has got 4 dip-switches which allow to set up both units functionality.

In particular dip-switches are used when the module is turned on to set the radio channel.

Download Master Unit user Manual

Download CE Declaration of Conformity


Slave unit (equipped with the same radio module RTX-LONG RANGE 869 like the Master) is a 55×40 mm board, 20 grams weight, protected with a heat shrinkable tubing, to be on board of drone.

It can be supplied in two ways:ular dip-switches are used when the module is turned on to set the radio channel.

1. From 3S to 6S battery

In this case battery must be connected to JST connector available on the module (see diagram hereabove) e not connect anything to strip 6 and 7 of connector.

This way it’s possible to connect servos up to 1A of continuous current and 2.2A peak current.

2. +5V regulated external power

In this case external power supply (typically a BEC) must be connected to terminal B (+5V) and C (GND) of the strip 6 as above described. Furthermore connect a jumper between terminal Jumper A and Jumper B of strip 7.

This way it’s possible to drive servos with higher current consumption than those described before. BEC must be designed in according to servo that you want to drive.


Average consumption is 50 mA.
On board is available a push button for BINDING.

Once the board is power supplied and bound to Master, Slave unit is in reception mode waiting for the keep-alive message coming from the Master.

When the Slave gets this message it replies with an ACK message.
If it gets a termination message, after the P1 emergency button has been pressed on the Master unit, it activates the open drain and PWM output with timing set during BINDING phase.

Download Slave Unit user Manual

Download CE Declaration of Conformity

1 2 3 4 5 6 7
A Not Implemented Not Implemented Open Drain Output Not Implemented Parachute Servo Output NC Jumper A
B NC +5V +5V +5V +5V External +5V Jumper B
C Not Implemented GND GND GND GND GND NC