OmniK Smart Facilities Access

Omnikey  is a smartphone remote control emulator:
it allows to operate your appliance

– gate opener, electric lock, light, arm/disarm of home alarm system –

without the keyfob, just using a free APP.


take your original keyfob close to OMNIKEY and make the copy of RF protocol


place OMNIKEY close to the appliance you want to controland supply it


it’s free of charge and it takes 1 minute to pair your smartphone to OMNIKEY and to put in your own PIN number


from now on you can either control your appliance with original keyfob or smartphone.


Q: Is OMNIKEY battery supplied?
A: No, it’s mains supplied. It means you don’t need to worry about battery replacement.

Q: Is OMNIKEY compatible with any smartphone?
A: APP is available for both iOS and Android smartphones. It’s required an Iphone 5S or later for iOS and for Android the release 4.4 or later

Q: My remote control is rolling code and can’t be copied/My remote control works at 868 MHz. Can I use OMNIKEY?
A: Yes, but you need to wire the relay output to your appliance. I.e. If you useit to open a gate, you need to wire the output to the START input of gate opener control unit. Ask your installer to help you for connection.

Q: Is OMNIKEY secure?
A: More secure than a normal keyfob. Pairing between smartphone and OMNIKEY is protected by a 6 digit PIN code. In case of 3 failures your smartphone is blocked. Data are not sent to external server, everything is stored in OMNIKEY device.

Q: Can I change the PIN CODE?
A: Yes. Only the owner (who knows the unique ID called MASTER KEY) can change it anytime.

Q: Can I pair my smartphone to 2 or more OMNIKEYs (i.e. I have a vacation house and I want to control gates of both my houses with smartphone)?
A: Yes, you can. APP can control up to 4 different OMNIKEYS.

Q: How many smartphones can be connected to an OMNIKEY?
A: There’s no limit. Aniway they connect to OMNIKEY one by one.

Q: I have a gate opener and a garage door close to each other. Can I use an OMNIKEY to control both?
A: Yes but you need to be in wireless coverage to reach both.

Q: Do I need an Internet connection in my house to operate OMNIKEY?
A: No. Everything works on a local basis. It’s not requested any Internet connection in your house neither a GSM link of your smartphone. OMNIKEY doesn’t rely neither on external server around the world or cloud.